you can be my king
I'm Jasmine and I am a harry potter fan for life. I am particularly partial to Ron Weasley/Rupert Grint and my otp is Ron/Hermine :).

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 ‎”Someday people will look back. Back at what they miss. Back at what made them who they are. Back at what gave them strength. Back at what made them laugh, at what made them angry, and at what made them cry. Someday people will look back at what gave them love. This is what people believe in. This is what people place their hope in. Not just a book. Not just a boy. Not just a war. Not magic. This is a world unlike any other. This is a home. This is a love that will NEVER leave us.”
“It seemed as though Gryffindor could do no wrong. Again and again they scored, and again and again, at the other end of the pitch, Ron saved goals with apparent ease. He was smiling, and the crowd cotninued to greet the particularly good save with arousing chorus of the old favorite “WEASLEY IS OUR KING!,” he pretended to conduct them from on high.”

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I’m Ron Weasley.

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